Island Rockoholics Crawler Bash


In February 2017 we hosted our very first Island Rockoholics Crawler Bash and in April/May 2020, we shall be hosting the 4th annual event on the main island.

Like previous years, this will consist of a weekend of RC driving in spectacularly beautiful locations with challenging terrain. Although most of our terrain is rocky, we like to mix up the locations to give everyone an experience on all sorts of terrains.

During these friendly events, we like to let everyone do as they please and drive where they want. The drivers do not have to follow any trail markers unless they want to, if trail markers are set up.

We always plan 2 different locations for the weekend. First location for Saturday and a second location for Sunday.

Next event will be no different. Come join us. It would be a pleasure to have you here with us.

Island Rockoholics Crawler bash 2019 recap


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April/May 2020

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Accommodation: Malta is small. Whichever hotel/location you stay in, you are never too far. Nowhere is more than 30 minutes driving away. For you foreigners, 30 minutes is close. For us itís like immigrating to another country, however, we do recommend you stay in a location between St. Julianís and St. Paulís Bay as shown in the map below. The stretch of coast in-between the two cities/towns have many hotels to be found there and they also vary in price.


The event: This is an international get together of friends who are passionate about RCs. Saturday will be trail day. There will be no trail markers along the way. We will be driving along some rocky path with some great challenges. This year we will be hosting a Top Truck Challenge on Sunday. It will be set on the new Island Rockoholics challenging course. The course will consist on some man made and natural challenges. There will be three different classes. Rules can be found posted on this page. There will be prizes for the first 3 positions of each class.

TTC Rules:


Lunch: Chances are there will be no food trucks in the locations we drive, but you can do one of two things. You can get something to take away with you on the trail or we can all stop and drive for some lunch at some restaurant or food truck.


Dinner: You are free to go to a restaurant close to your hotel or we could all go somewhere together.


Driving: We drive on the LEFT hand side of the road. The steering wheels of all rented vehicles here are on the RIGHT. You have been warned. Although the island is small, you will need a car. Sharing one is recommended.

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