RC Projects at Joe's RC Car Garage..  

The Axial Wraith
was originally a kit build. It was my first RC and I had so much to learn. Over the time I've had it, I have replaced a lot of functioning parts. When I learnt how much I had spent, I vowed I would never buy another kit, but would buy selected parts and build my own RC cars


The Wroncho Suzuki Samurai is actually an SCX10 chassis with AR60 axles. It was originally build from what I had replaced on the Wraith. I built it as a fun project to keep me busy. When I found the funds, I upgraded it all to the same spec of the Wraith. It is a great car to drive, very capable and has a very low COG. Great for rock crawling. Its only weakness is the lexan body which I have already replaced, and have a 3rd body on standby.


The Jeep Wrangler G6 is my first custom build. After the Wraith I wanted to build something totally custom. I selected all the components I thought would be best for my style of driving. Under that great looking lexan body, there are only 3 or 4 Axial parts, the rest are all my choice.


The Scale Garage. I got into scale garage building about 4 years ago. Saw many different setups, during which time I gathered ideas for my garage.

Started building mine when I moved to my new workshop about 2 years ago. The space allocated to my garage is 1.2m x .7m, which, at that time, I thought it would be big enough. In reality, it is never big enough, because the ideas keep rolling in and you soon run out of space. My only way to make it bigger is UP, a second floor.

Did someone say roof garden? Maybe one day :)


The RC4WD Gelande 2 Toyota Land Cruiser
is another kit which was an unexpected buy. All I wanted was a set of Yota 2 axles for my Suzuki Samurai build (new build next). A friend had this kit and sold it to me for a great price. I received the parts and started building it and before I knew it I had another car on my workbench. I could not simply "throw away" everything else and only use the axles for the Suzuki Samurai build. So to cut a long story short, I now have a RC4WD Gelande ii Toyota Land Cruiser added to my fleet.


The Unnamed 1/10 8x8 truck is my latest project. Building it from the ground up. Using AR60 axles, leaf springs all round and 2.2 wheels. Will make my own styrene body too. Slow and long project. The chassis rails are 1 meter long. Will be powered by twin 45T brushed motors. Has a homemade transfer case, which, until now, has stood up to the tests.


The Scale hard body Suzuki Samurai.
I saw this body online. Contacted the manufacturer and ordered one. I drive a Samurai in real life so when I saw it, I had to have it. This is the next project on the list (after the 8x8)


The Red Jeep Body Mod.
I have recently begun to appreciate hard bodies a lot more. The G6 Jeep Wrangler body has been driven over 150 times in Malta and a few times in Belgium, Italy, UK and Switzerland. Time to add the possibility to mount a hard body, without changing anything on the chassis so I can mouth the G6 lexan body should I want to do so.


(Updated 12th June 2018)