Scale Garage



  I got into scale garage building about 4 years ago. Saw many different setups, during which time I gathered ideas for my garage.

Started building mine when I moved to my new workshop about 2 years ago. The space allocated to my garage is 1.2m x .7m, which, at that time, I thought it would be big enough. In reality, it is never big enough, because the ideas keep rolling in and you soon run out of space. My only way to make it bigger is UP, a second floor.

Did someone say roof garden? Maybe one day :)

    First part to build was the upstairs office. No business runs well without an office so it was important to have one :)

Having an upstairs office gives management a good view of production in the garage below. So a platform was raised in one corner and is supported at the opposite corner with one pillar. Next, how to get up there.

  A cardboard template was cut to scale. I actually measured the stairs in my house. Never did I ever imagine how difficult it is to start and end a flight of stairs in specific positions. Respect to construction workers for getting it right (most of the time)    
    Staircase finished with a pillar for support under the landing. Affixed to the floor at both the pillar and the lower step. Time to add some safety features to the staircase and the upstairs office.  
  Added front garage wall with door opening cut out large enough for a Wraith to easily fit. In comparison to the height of the ceiling I think it turned out just fine. I did actually go to a friend's garage to take measurements. Turned out just fine for size :)    
    Railings made from some 1cm x .5cm strips of wood and large match sticks. The office railings was pretty simple to do but the ones on the staircase was a different story. I did them by trial and error and I did take quite a while to get them as they are. They are nowhere close to perfect but the mistakes are only 1/10th the size of real life, so they are not easy to spot unless you know what you are looking for. I'm happy with the way they turned out. It is not a strong setup but then, it is only for display and not for function :)  
  Made a couple of workbenches. They will look great under the office area, which I plan as the main workshop for the garage.    
    This video shows the garage progress until this point in time. Watch in full screen here  
  The garage has a functioning motorised automatic open/close garage door with auto-stop when fully open and fully closed. Powered by a 45RPM 12v motor and controlled with an ON/ON 2 way switch and 2 limit switches. The following 3 videos are detailed  videos of how I made my automatic motorised door.    
    Video: Part 1 of 3 of the making of the motorised garage door. Watch in full screen here  
  Video: Part 2 of 3 of the making of the motorised garage door. Watch in full screen here  

    Video: Part 3 of 3 of the making of the motorised garage door. Watch in full screen here  
  Every office needs a window and this one is no different. Made this one myself from leftover wood from the workbenches and some more large matchsticks. Will insert a nice view when I remove the window to paint the garage walls.    
    This is the end result of my garage. It is made from 1/3 inch plywood and as you can see, the roof needs some supporting. There's no weight on it and yet it is sagging. Need to re-enforce it.  
  This video shows the garage being emptied by using the new trailer I just built and then Ruff and FUGLY paint all the walls. I am very pleased with the end result. Watch in full screen here  

    In this video you can watch a detailed explanation of how I made my scale electrical conduit and compressed air system. This method also applies for scale fire prevention system. Watch in full screen here  
  Many have asked about the method I used for the garage door to automatically stop when fully opened and/or fully closed. Here is a video that shows a simulation of the door and an easy to follow and easy to use full wiring diagram of what I did. Watch in full screen here  

  [Last updated: 13th November 2018]