Suzuki Samurai SJ80 Build Progress

    [13th September 2018] The latest body in the garage is the 1/10 scale Suzuki Samurai SJ80. I have had this body for over 12 months now and have finally decided to start working on it.

The body is made from fiber resin and has a wheelbase of 210mm with a 160mm body width at the arches. It is equipped with an opening bonnet, bonnet latches, a full interior, a full set of light holders, wipers and a pair of adjustable side mirrors. The body looks like it will be a classic scale RC when it is done. However, besides looking good, it will need to perform.

  With a body width of only 160mm and not wanting to use such a narrow axle, the RC4WD Yota 2 axles was selected this build, along with an appropriate set of 1.55 wheels and tyres. Shown to the right is the SJ80 body on stands with the Hustler M/T Xtreme 1.55 baby rock crawling tyres with size measuring 3.74" x 1.3" made from Snail Slime compound and a set of 1.55 Terra Classic 8-Hole aluminum beadlock wheels    
    The plan for this is to be scale but not as a stock vehicle. The Yota 2 axle and wheels are 215mm wide on the outside of the tyres. The axles are on the wide side so I will be using rubber fenders to cover some of the tyres. With a 210mm wheelbase the performance is somewhat limited so I might also stretch the wheelbase, for  little better performance.  

In this picture you can really see how wide the axle and wheels are on this body. As much as i enjoy a wide axle on any vehicle, I think for scale sake, I will need to cover some of those tyres. Wheel clearance will definitely be an issue but we shall cross that bridge when we get to it. For starters I'll start with deciding how much stretch this RC is going to get. The longer I make it, the more I will need to cut up the body and I do not wish to cut much of it.

    [15th November 2018] Finally managed to get the chassis and other parts accumulated over the past few months, assembled. The chassis has a wheelbase of 210mm, which I have stretched to between 220 and 230mm. The drive shafts used are the stock Axial shafts from a Wraith kit. Needless to say they were cut to size. With this very short wheelbase the transfer case mount was lowered to avoid binding on the drive shafts. Suspension is 4 links in the rear and 3 links and a panhard rod up front.

Next attempt will be to make a custom CMS mount.


This is the look I am going for, a rugged, non street legal, beast of a Suzuki Samurai. Not to everyone's taste but hey.. :)

  [Last updated: 15th November 2018]