The Axial Wraith

    The Axial Wraith is a classic. Complete with a full interior, a driver, a dog, all the trimming and its stylish colour, this Wraith looks the part. Followed by the Yeti and the Bomber on the production line, the Wraith still holds its head up high with pride, in my opinion. This particular Wraith has been upgraded where it counts.  
  Drive train: Working from front to rear, Vanquish VVDs on front axle with HD Axial underdrive gears in the diffs. Incision locker, MIP front drive shaft, HotRacing Wraith transmission case with Robinson Racing HD gears. Same MIP in the rear with underdrive diff gears in the rear axle too. Incision locker again and Axial stock rear shafts and all round Vanquish c-hubs, knuckles and lockouts.    
    Wheels: As you can see, it is all mounted on matching colour Vanquish 2.2 OMF alloy wheels with 2.2 Pitbull Rock Beasts. A set of 4 RC4WD King 110mm shocks. I call this the "no nonsense setup". Just plug in your lipo and drive.  

Suspension: The Wraith is mounted on Incision links. Naturally for both front and rear. It also has the Vanquish steering links

    Electronics: It boasts the Tekin RSX ESC with a Brushless Sensored ROC412 1800kw motor. I drive this with a Spektrum DX8, 8 channel radio and receiver from which I control the homemade internal servo winch and remote lights control plus the normal driving. It has the stock lights plus the Axial 5 bucket light bar.  Great for night trails too.