What is a RECON G6 event?
In short, an adventure. I have been to a few G6 events in the past 3 years, 1 in the UK, 1 in Belgium and 3 in Italy. My first was in Italy back in Sep 2016. I went alone, not having met anyone who could be there before, I got on the plane for a 2 hour flight from Malta to Milan, Italy. Landed, got in my rented car, set my GPS to Maggiora and off I went to start my new adventure, not knowing what was waiting for me. Arrived at my B&B, unpacked, charged my batteries for the next day and as you can imagine did not get much sleep with the excitement I had imagining what was going to happen the following morning.

  At 8am I drove to the location, about 2km from my B&B. It was a bit early for the event but there were some other people already at the event location. I later found out that some were camping at the location, which explained why they were already there. I looked around and saw posters and banners of brands and shops I had only seen online. The more I saw the more excited I got, telling myself ďIts real, Iím here. This is G6Ē Ö and said a quiet thank you to my girl MiriAm who had given me this trip as a birthday present. (Love you xxx)

  Cars were starting to arrive. People were starting to gather. I took my RC out of the back of my rental and started driving it towards G-Central, which is where the registration takes place, sponsors display their goods and drivers meetings take place. People look at you then your car and I was doing the same. I knew no one except for a few guys whom I had spoken to online. I did recognize a few cars but was not sure who they belonged to. Eventually I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find someone I had often spoke to online and had recognized me. From there on, it was a lot easier as I kept meeting more people I knew online who had suddenly become reality.

  The drivers meeting was about to start. We all placed our cars in rows and within minutes I realized I had never seen so many RC cars in the same place before. It was amazing to see how many different RC cars there were, different colours, shapes and different ideas. Wow some people are so creative. The meeting went on for about 30 mins, cars were selected for various awards plus youíve got to love Parkerís charm.

  THE HOST: Brian Parker is the host of the event and in my personal opinion, the G6 events are not the same without him being there. His presence is felt from far away, not because he is loud or anything like that but because you hear a bunch of people around him laughing and having fun. He gives everyone around him the time of day, gives you individual attention, jokes and talks to everyone, he remembers most of the names (donít ask me how) .. in a nutshell, he is good to be around, a fantastic host, the cherry on the cake.

  THE TRAILS: After the meeting, we all started driving. We drove for the rest of the weekend. The trails were challenging and good fun. You learn to appreciate a trail much more when you find trail markers that someone else laid out for you to follow. Along the trails you will come across a few clues which can lead you to an unexpected prize. There are hidden items and puzzles along the way. You might have to solve with your fellow drivers. Keep the trails clean. If you knock over a trail marker, put it back in place for the next driver to find it.

  WATERPROOFING: If you like water and mud, then a G6 is the place for you to drive. Donít like water or mud, not to worry, you will like driving in water and mud by the end of the weekend!! Wet trails or trails better known to have the liquid goodness in them are designed to only be axle deep. You will always find off trail places where you can sink your car. Keep your eyes open. You will spot some drivers who enjoy that too.

  SOME TIPS: You can take anything you like with you. If you can carry it, take it with you. Most important is to have a very well prepared RC car. Waterproofing is a PLUS. There are no rules about going around a stretch of water but I can tell you that you will be missing out on a lot of great fun if you don't. The scale look is important but so is a reliable car that can perform well. It needs to be able to handle many hours of tough trailing. There's a good chance that something will come loose or need replacing. Having your tools with you is a great help. Move to the side of the trail and start wrenching. If you need help I'm pretty sure someone will come to your aid. If you have spare parts in your backpack, it will save you the trip to your car or to one of the sponsor stands. If you can't wrench, someone will surely help you. Drinking water is a plus to carry with you. Don't drink from the river. you never know what happens a few meters up stream.

Golden rule: if you are catching a flight don't put your tools in your hand luggage as you will get stopped in customs.

  TRAVELLING BY AIR WITH LIPO BATTERIES: I live on an island so every time I attend an event, I need to catch a flight to my destination. I normally travel with my lipos in STORAGE mode. I pack each one in an insulated bag to isolate the battery terminal from one battery to another. I then place all my lipos in a lipo safe bag.

There's a lot of hype about travelling with lipo batteries. I have been doing it for 3 years now and in the last 3 years I travelled over 10 times with them in my hand luggage. Most times I declare then when my bag is about to be x-rayed. I put my hand luggage in a tray and my phone, coins, belt and lipos (in the lipo safe bag) in a separate tray. Nine times out of ten I am questioned about them. I have had difficulty with some customs officers but I held my ground and insisted on them checking the rules, and eventually on checking, they realise I'm ok to travel with them.

The rule is you are allowed a maximum of 160 WH PER BATTERY, yes PER BATTERY. That is equivalent to close to 15,000mah per battery. If you Google WH to MAH you will find a calculator on how to work it out. I take 2 or 3 6,000mah lipos with me. I place my hand luggage in the over head compartments and just because I am paranoid, I like to use an over head compartment on the other side of the plane, just to be able to see the hatch better "should there be any activity" if you know what I mean.

I would recommend, at the very least, one RECON G6 event in your lifetime. I am not responsible if you get addicted, but I tell you that until this very day, I still remember the excitement I felt throughout the weekend. Join the G6 family. Make new friends. Give it a tryÖ

(Updated 17th September 2018)